Open Letter To Mozilla

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Hey there, Mozilla!

You and I operate in a very abstract industry. Very hard to illustrate, right? Takes a pro, right?

Kendol Mason, Creative Director and Owner of Giftbox Creative (, my wonderful graphic artist, who started designing from an early age and has created award-winning brand identities and logos for 20 years, rose to the challenge. He researched the logos of companies in that industry. The colors (diverse). The shapes (geometrical). The typefaces (modern). And while he was doing that, he realized that by repeatedly typing and looking, he did exactly what my company, Factwell, is doing. He basically was experiencing my company, and the essence, the research, represented by the URL symbol, was right in front of him the whole time. The World Wide Web is Factwell’s starting point for its investigations of companies, competitors, and crimes. Kendol was experiencing my brand. The thorough and targeted research. The competence and credibility. Values like reliability, trustworthiness, and loyalty.

And so he created my company logo, incorporating the URL symbol into the company name, gently reducing the inclining of the dashes in order to emphasize their function as letters, and extending their length to symbolize the “well”, reflecting the depth and diligence of the company’s research. Corporate design is not simply about creating a logo. It’s about adding value. And by finding the information that clients need, customized and quickly, Factwell does just that.

I personally think that Kendol did an excellent job. And what can be a better, more flattering compliment than being imitated by an organization like Mozilla, a pioneer of the Internet?

This could be Mozilla’s next logo?

This could be Mozilla’s next logo

We’re with you, Mozilla. Even before the start.

Daniela Britton – President, Factwell, LLC
Kendol Mason – Creative Director, Giftbox Creative 

Open Letter To Mozilla