Factwell works – if necessary – with top security experts, investigators, law firms and experienced business and communication specialists and coordinates their engagement.

In all cases, Factwell will be your sole responsible point of contact in all phases of the solution of your problem, and Factwell will represent your interests when working with network partners.


Gold Shield 1811, Inc.


Factwell maintains an exclusive cooperation with Gold Shield 1811, Inc.

Gold Shield 1811, Inc. consists of a network of 18 former top FBI, IRS, and Secret Service agents and works closely with former members of military special units and special departments of the U.S. government.

Gold Shield 1811, Inc. has access to experts in the public and private sectors and work closely with local law enforcement and authorities. Gold Shield 1811, Inc.’s investigators are licensed in five U.S. states – Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida – and have vast international experience and contacts to police and law enforcement worldwide.

Gold Shield 1811, Inc. is a member of ASIS International, an association of 30,000 security professionals.