Factwell is not your standard consulting firm.

We are a team of international highly qualified and certified investigators, forensic accountants, security experts, German and American legal counsel, and multilingual business and communication specialists.

Based on your company’s individual needs, we tailor to your specific situation to target your goals.


Daniela B. Britton, President and CEO

Daniela Britton, Principal of Factwell, is a German attorney, lawyer-linguist (German, English and French) and research expert. She has worked for law firms in Germany and the U.S. for many years, specifically, in the areas of international contract and corporate law, immigration law, and litigation. She explains why she founded Factwell as follows:

“I have worked as a German attorney for law firms in Germany and the US for more than 15 years. Working closely with my clients has showed me that they needed more than just legal advice in international contexts – many companies entering the US market for the first time, or representatives of multinational corporations in the US are faced with a unexpectedly completely different finance, legal, or communication system and ignore the risks that come with it. It is particular important to me to raise awareness of possible pitfalls, and help my clients to avoid them.”