Webinar: “Why (S)ME?” – Cybersecurity for Small Businesses
20 min
Everyone is talking about identity theft, credit card fraud, and data breaches. Cybercrimes are on the rise, and their impact can be huge and long lasting. In 2016, U.S. businesses suffered a combined loss of $600 billion by cyberattacks – not to mention the damage to their reputation and credibility. While only Yahoo and Co. make the headlines, more than 40% of the attacks target small and medium-sized enterprises, who still underestimate the likelihood of an attack happening to them.

In the webinar, you will learn
– why SME are popular targets for cybercriminals
– what the most common cyber security threats are and
– how you can protect your business – even on a budget.

Presented by: Daniela Britton, Factwell LLC

Daniela Britton is a multilingual lawyer, journalist, and research professional. She directs Factwell, LLC, a network of top security and investigation experts. Her mission is to increase the business community’s awareness of physical and virtual security issues, including Cybersecurity.

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